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Go to delishowsTara Wallace Mocking Amina Buddafly On InstagramTara Wallace Peter Gunz Aminda Buddaflys Love Triangle In Love amp Hip Hop New YorkI cantShe mad it sound like there is an organization out there for long time girlfriends turned baby mommas turned side chicks turn side chick With a baby on the way club. These thots genuinely take pride in behaving like savages. Slow mo head down meeting with the creep squad Or going to get some chickenI think Yandy looks way better then both of his baby mothers. Give your day s that shine. LoL

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I like that we get to see a black peterbilt 379 lease purchase couple on this show with healthy communication shared goal setting and problem solving skills. Lif Jeffrey Haynesbr Ms. peter gunz amina like isnt that the utmost disrespect kids and over a peter gunz amina decade and still no ring and he meets Ms Germany and a yr later she got them papers

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HahahIt was never for the D. . and why is she mad peter gunz amina about the vasectomydidnt she make the choice to terminate her pf chang white marsh pregnancy

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At her age possibly dropping all that responsibility on her peter gunz amina daughterkids etc cos she cant control herself and her constant weird desire to be in and out of jail. That was code for I need phasd us a girl cuz amina has oneYeah I didnt realize it but I now know I aint the only one that finds Yandy to be lowkey shady. Oh dammit Amina lolA ve whatWhen Amina was like I dont peter gunz amina wanna be with you anymore I just rolled my eyes cause she says that like every other episode Lady Eddie MurphyBackwards shit

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I see peter gunz amina MenDC likes Messy women like his mom. He was born Peter Pankey pf changs willowbrook in the Bronx NY

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I love samanthas mather. Believe its a week or two beforeYes however Lexy seems a little slow. Then MenDC went back to Yandy and then peter gunz amina she phayathai 2 hospital later got pregnant

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Im sorry remy and papoose looked a fucking mess at the petes burgers wedding paid for by Mona amp vhWell Teresa Guidice only peter gunz amina did months and she was supposed to do months. br They both look Spanish thoughI know I say this everyweek but imma say it again PAP IS TOO GOOD peter gunz amina FOR REMY

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In fact Wallace and Gunz spent years together and shared three children. Heck no those aint Mendecees teeth. I was wondering when Mendeecees is actually gonna go to prison pfsense clear squid cache seems like hes been on the verge of going for a while nowand exit the peter gunz amina building immediately

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Seems phaedrus bmw like that very night they went home and had sex lolIts mostly wigsShe looks older peter gunz amina lolA bitch aint got on no suit tonight LMAO help me Jesus I cant breathenbspIs it me or did Tara look a bit upset that Peter said he want to snip his balls ok lets say yandi knew. Peter been lying peter gunz amina to them both and when you love someone you can be very easily manipulated because you just want to believe the good in them