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Date:19 September 2017 | Author: Admin
peter jon courson

Br The distorted use of the term in CC and elsewhere just chaps my buttIn my first two years of driving truck after my vocational life was turned upside down years ago I spent nights on the road away from home doing what I had to do to save my home my family and my own dignity. When I mentioned confessional I was referring generally to the confessions that arose out of the reformation during the th and centuries. But that is all part of human nature the human condition and not some spiritual entity Babylon. Was wondering when someone among the Pastors would step up to give an accurate definition of an hireling. But concerning the apostles and prophets act according to the decree of the Gospel. give the seeking elder clarity that he is no longer in harmony with the new direction and the rest of the elders

Being a pastor who took over a church that went through a massive division I pray for all parties involved. give the seeking elder clarity that he is no longer in harmony with the new direction and the rest of the elders. By those who have commented and who attend this church. And when it happens in the church thats when folks groan and wonder where God is at that moment. Im praying for them and for the church there. I also have been able to experience other stuff that comes with the territory. How many rock bands have parted ways over the same issue Steve what you think you know compared to what expert knows is ZIP

You wouldnt suggest that I would anything that would go against that which I know to be true and that is against advice of those who are far better educated trained and skilled in these things now would youWhen I said PJ was not the senior pastor I did not mean that he was an assistnt pastor. But concerning the apostles and prophets act according to the decree of the Gospel. None of it their doingall their parents crudcensored. br I know that this is a busy time for you and your family and would love to spend a little time with a friend such as you if you would like. That they would be strong and hopeful and be blessings to one another during this time by recalling what Peter the Apostle has saidbr So brace up your minds be sober circumspect morally alert set your hope wholly and unchangeably on the grace divine favor that is coming to you when Jesus the Messiah is revealed. Amen amen amen Daisy. Now all we have to do is to deliver the package. May PeterJohn Courson. Church boards can be very cruel. The word is tossed around improperly. Maybe the CC insiders see their pastoral office as the tribe of Levi pass it down to their sons. At my old CC the pastor resigned. Try going home and explaining that to your kids at Christmas

Funny how nobody in the Body of Christ claimed nepotism when God provided the opportunity for me to serve and preach without compensation for years in various ministries because of the connections to my dad coming out phil jayhan of college when looking for a job. br br Phil anselmo wiki Most of the pastors I know personally are normal folk. He never boasted that His Father was this or that but instead took on the role of a humble servant to die for those who would believe and follow in His footsteps. Thought I made it clear that phila police dept I had thought he had been an Asst. There is no other fount from which our true help comes fromChuck Smith Jr. Some preachers can operate under constant scrutiny of behavior and then how it pertains to sermons not this guy not so much. In response to Andrew. And yes it will be out of the boxThe System ie Babylon. In only one sense does it matterthat is for my own protection and safety and the safety of others my place of sanctuary support and fellowship off to remain off limits be it what type or the name of such person places or things it is best that I leave these things off limits to people who in particular would respond in like fashion as you have since first responding to me in the first place

Chalk up another difference between pastoral work and all other. We really give Him very little if any thing to work with. I dont know the situation at Capo and by observation and comment isnt directed at Courson or Jeff Jonesbut this situation and some of the subsequent comments did invoke the hireling narrativewhich I hope some will reconsider. Linda curious what church or type do you attendEither way the best thing now is for all involved to love another embrace what we can leave behind the rest and continue to be there as friends for one another. It either needs to be redifined or it is misunderstood. Im sure we all know petro fargo nd men whos fathers were peter lorre bugs bunny or are in ministry and are no longer in ministry but if man after many years is still in ministry regardless of bloodline then its because Christ wants him there. Its easy to point the finger at a board and view them as the man or the establishment some cold collection of heartless individualskind of like that grumpy board of directors of the bank in the movie Mary Poppins

Thats just getting petty PH. I have people at my church concerned about the safety of my family and I even as I type this. In a healthy local church elders must be accountable to one another and of course ultimately to Christ. His lord said unto him Well done good and faithful servant thou hast been faithful over a few things I will make thee ruler over many things enter thou into the joy of thy lord. John Trust in the LORD with all thine heart and lean not unto thine own understanding

But then to play on something Steve said we do give him free reign in word worship and sacraments. There may have been good reasons for omitting these things but transparency should include all the facts or am I out of lineThe prudent thing is to certainly to seek the Lord in prayer but also communicate these concerns candidly with the other elders in confidence. That said it speaks to our immaturity that wed make such myopic demands on our shepherds something is wrong with the way some do church i think we are supposed to grow mature and be there for each other only babies have the right to need babyingbr God keep Pastor PeterJon through it all and He will look for the little blessings praise HimChapter. PS He walked in Human shoes and extends His hand. Each of you. Unless youve been there you have no idea what Pete and his family are going through including his wife. And when it happens in the church thats when folks groan and wonder where God is at that moment. You ride it and best be very careful it doesnt turn on phantasy nails you and consume you in the endHeres the simple truth the board are not evil bastards and Pete would be the first to admit he doesnt walk on water. affordable petrolia apartments for rent and young. Michael in terms of our sentiment towards Steve sorry friend I hope you we can remain friends irrespective of how Stave petsmart tukwila and I might view one another. If you look at my facebook page and also my blog you will see I feel anything but Peter thacher elementary school abandoned by the general congregation. Whether we like it or not we are all interim undershepherds this side of heaven

peter jon courson

The comments that followed are also very gracious towards you. Phaedra net worth It doesnt petland waterford mean one is wrong or one is right. I believe Chuck had well over of his close relatives on staff at CCCM and the WFT in one way or another. Pete thank you for everything

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    Continue to be you. I had to laugh when you suggested that I use a fake name rather my real name then offered up your opinion whether or not and why it would or would not be safe to do so. Ill pop up somewhere else. br They couldnt afford to buy a silver spoon to choke on

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