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Petsmart farmingdale

Date:20 June 2017 | Author: Admin
petsmart farmingdale

She has lost most of hers. i will never get over it and it hurts so bad to think that they would think i would do such a thing. By the way the reason I am writing this comment is also because I have been on hold for OVER MINUTES on your corporate phone another reason your company is going to Hell in a hand basket Get some help that can answer a phone. An employee of the grooming center proceeds to tell me that I can no longer bring him there So I ask them why since I just had him there months ago and no one not even the manager of the store can tell me why I cant bring him in. I do not believe anything will be done to this person and I have reached out to social media for help to prevent this from happening to their pets. Just a suggestion for the futureThis was sent to the owners of Follow your heart animal rescue

The receptionist came out once the room was cleaned which consists of wiping the table off and told me the vet would be with me soon but thankfully the vet had some common sense and sent a tech in to tell me that I could reschedule my appointment because she did not feel comfortable coming in with my week old puppy after just treating the Parvo dog. Im so angry at Banfield that they would let a puppy get to the point where he was in so much pain he couldnt walk he couldnt stop vomiting and he was so dehydrated he had to stay at this new vet THREE DAYS just to get him back to a non life threatening point. I would really love to know the thought of our CEO David. By the end of October I received a call from a gentleman and he said that after looking at the information that he received that it was my fault and theres nothing that they can do for me. These are very good Vets we have used them for at least years and we trust them and what they tell us. I called PetSmart and the groomer told me nothing happened to cause my dog pain

Or over turn what has happened. As I was in the ales looking for what I needed I back up so I can see and a Fire Extinguisher had feel off the rack and hit my ankle I must of bump into it but I didnt know didnt feel anything at that time. On PetSmarts website you have a page dedicated to the low cost spay and neuter program and how to reach abr Hospitals that does participate. From PetSmart Customer Carebr Sent Friday June PMbr To dXXXX br Subject RE Customer Service Contact Us Form Submission ltgtreader photos Eileen new city. but told us her kids get shots for flu but when they go to school they have a possibility of still getting it from other children Anyways we checked the form and it was true. They gave me the check out paper that said theyd be charging me for the bath they did I was going to be charge only more for the WHOLE package so I found that outrageous I can bathe my dog for free at home. Revere MAI was working in Pet Hotel Seasonal. they told her that no one has been losing fish. Hired in as part time I only worked either to hours. He is one of your rescue cats and is always very serious but lovable. I have tried multiple times to create another new account from two different computers on two different ISPs. for Day Camp. Syosset NYBy using this site you agree to our Privacy policy

A free inside look at company reviews and salaries posted anonymously by employees. I thanked her and I also received another coupon from Pet Smart as well. petsmart elizabethtown ky I used to go to robin to have my dog groomed after pgh port authority she moved I met and felt comfortable with Kristi S. My family and I took my dog to the vet soon thereafter to diagnose the problem. So that was pointless. I clearly seen then this was way out of my hands to resolve and that this most definitely should be brought Petzlife oral care spray to the attention of corporate. I will not be back here they dont even care about their existing customers who have been faithful to them over the years. To whom it may concernreader photos Annette Casella East Northport Jet the great dane and Sheldon the wiener dog enjoying the sunshine and testing out whos taller at Sheldons home in East Northport. However never offered to pay for Vet expenses to treat my poor baby. It was the only thing i could think of to maybe help. The young lady who answered the phone said she was the assistant manager as the manager had not yet arrived for the day

petsmart farmingdale

Now its time to pay the bill I got charged a total of and didnt even get what I took him pheasant hunting michigan there for. San Diego CABurleson TXEl Mirage AZHi I went into Petsmart at E. Just wanted to let everyone out there know this is all about horrible customer service and not a way to treat long time customers or in fact not a way to treat any customer. I came back hrs later to a puppy that looked like a bootlegged poodle. I need to hear a feedback from the corporate office if you care. Lake Wales FLMoorestown NJYonkers NYGreat Barrington MANesconset NYMy name is Chi Chi Williams and Im a non profit organization. Runtime Errorbr Description An application error occurred on the server

The treatment sold last week discolored the tank seals not that that is a big deal I can get another gallon tank and was ineffective. Luckily there was still toilet paper. br That puppy was not in the area to go to Smiths Walmart or GameStop it was their for your store. Customer Care could see both accounts and told me to wait days and that the two accounts were supposed to merge together but that never happened

They should have noticed as I did that every time you touch Peter piper pizza chandler az that mat he freaks out. My golden retriever attended the grooming salon. You are rapidly losing costumers. I then had to go out and spend an additional on the right stuff. and uses gule on dogs in are salon when they get has peterborough theater nh told some of the girls in the salon she would never get firerd because the corporate dont care about what we say. After being a loyal year customer I will never be returning. Sara was also the one yelling at a staff member. Easton MDHi i have been goin to petsmart with my freind to get koi an goldfish I have had my pond for over years an wanted more koi. I am contacting you because I know I am not pf47 oil filter the only owner facing this kind of dilemma and no matter my outcome the pet owners of Las Vegas should be awareREALLY PEOPLEI with my again at this petsmart store number in arlington tx

I left and returned hours later expecting him to at least be done but when I walked on my dog was not in the front being groomed. My entire plans had to change cancelled my flight because could not find anyone to bored him. The past months Petes paleo Ive started to take her back to Petsmart now all of the groomers and veterinarians that has taken care of my dog has never complaint or saw fleas on her. But when you get on Facebook and see the employees trash talking me phenibut erowid experiences on there it really hurt me

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    Redwood City CABest regardsEncinitas CAreader photos Mary Ann Moyer Hicksville Naptime for PrincessFort Collins COHomestead FLNapa CAQuakertown PABrooklyn NYreader photos Marie Galioto in Hamilton NJ Samson hanging at the dog park Love this boy xoSincerely Deborah Sue Barela andSincerelybr JulieGood Afternoonreader photos Kathy Buchsbaum Hewlett NY Blueberry sleeping in my bedreader photos Andrea Trestrail Our Cat Snow wearing bunny earsName reader photos Trish lindenhurst Chewbacca is hunting a bird in my backyard and decided to use the chair for help. i also lost my new ones an now my ones i had for years called corp. We would have to have private classes for him. Roseville CALa Mirada CAreader photos Jen Lasher Kings Park Cody is ready for Passoverreader photos Donna Augusta Bellmore Everything seems better with a friend. I finally said I cant wait for this and set my items down at this point the register lady said I can check you out now I said no you cant and left

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