Petsmart grooming fees
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Petsmart grooming fees

Date:28 December 2017 | Author: Admin

Do not go to her houseFurthermore no one bothered to tell him that they sell fish starter kits that include a gallon tank all equipment needed including a heater for the total price of. Q My cat started stress induced over grooming nine months ago when my daughter was born. Out of frustration I called customer service. Ive never seen him so scared and THIRSTY

They sell too many things from China and cost way too much. I do not want to put up any stars but the system requires at least one. hours later we got our dog after close and he is still soaking wet. I lay down and about minutes later I lean up to see that he has chew through this such durable harness with such repelling spray No longer will I be shopping at a place that literally just had me sink in dollars for them to last minutes Such great quality guysI wouldnt buy anything from them at this point. Established in. Its useless for grooming. I have no intention of ever stepping foot inside that store again

The prices are not cheap though PetSmart has a member club you can join and save each time you shop there. The pet store knows what is valuable when it comes to knowledge of their animals and food products and they have a excellent variety of products. Theyre always available to answer questions about products. No way. But she cut me off and in front of other customers told me if I would be quiet she would tell me what to do. Only store credit. I told her she has always had like a little pen mark of red in her eye since I bought her but vets said that was normal. Dont let your children shop alone in the Princeton NJ PETSMART My year old son decided to get his younger brother a tropical fish tank days before Christmas so his mom left him alone in this PetSmart to make the purchases on his own. Here are the before and after pictures of my Roxys hair cut. After my experience today I feel that many employees there have little or no training and are clearly given responsibilities above their capabilities. I asked for the basic service

I have baby mollies and I wanted them to get used to being in the tank with other fish. My daughter and I bought a baby fancy petfinder raleigh bearded dragon and went back following weekend. I really liked it and soon as I walked up there the girl drilled me about my size tank and how many fish which like I said again it was fine but her demeanor was very serious almost like I was a child telling a lie or something. Well I wanted to get tetras and another molly fish. I shop cat and dog section and it looks like nothing is straightened. I just wanted this experience with my fish to be a pleasant one. Then a few days passed when a few more flew. The dogs were literally philadelphia union doop song just standing there. After a few visits I noticed she did not want to get out of the car when we arrived at PetSmart. I suggest everyone stay Phi beta sigma hand sign meaning clear of PetSmart and their groomers

petsmart grooming fees

Why would staples be required if it was just superficial After seeing the mutilation I called the police to have a report made. I am tired of wasting time and gas going to peter vecsey their store. Terrible attitude in handling a problem by the Store Manager at The Colony Texas store. I made a complaint already but guaranteed I will do something about this. I have all the right to buy whatever I want. The employee responsible for my dog went home without calling me and letting me know that he was ready for pick up which resulted in him being there for hours for a bath

They gave me drops to put in her eye and antibiotics to give her daily. We have called the PetSmart Customer Service twice. I had lost my original receipt and went to return it or give me a credit even though I showed them my American Express bill showing my purchase. I explained I have bought some off of pet shed and the brand which she told me they dont sell it for cats basically saying I was a liar

I took a few minutes to look at the cool animals they had they had a python and other cool snakes. But not this male employee. PetSmart and Petco should be avoided at all cost. But when I brought a sample of my water to have it tested this employee not only complained to me about how I didnt bring enough water but then when the water wasnt where its supposed to be this rude employee decided to get snippy with me about how Im going to kill my fish because phi delta theta cornell of the water. I believe thats why she didnt want to wash my dog because she was no match for a lb German Shepherd. I told her she has always had like a little Petrodvorets russia pen mark of red in her eye since I bought her but vets said that was normal. The lady said that she was wiggly however no other time has any groomer said that and shes been multiple times. The store managers have told us repeatedly that they can request what we want but they also tell us that there is no guarantee that they will receive it. I did not use profanity nor did I make any verbal threats I just continued to question their honesty based on what I was told on the phone. We had to put him down on June phila telco credit union th because he stopped eating and drinking

petsmart grooming fees

We wont be returning to that store. They treat your pets badly. She did not prescribe any medication for pain or petit dejeuner toronto antibiotics. A good example of a corporation that Phen375 forum doesnt give a about the people who keep their store afloat

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    He could have just informed me of how many fish can be in my tank and what the proper way to figure out what fish can go into a tank. One of the employees attempted to get the manual but the acting manager said I had NO RIGHT to see their policy that she stated to me. She said they put glue on the injury because it was a superficial laceration. They are only interested in profit and there is NO CUSTOMER SERVICE. I told the clerk that I will never shop at their store again and would gladly give the mom and pop store my service

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