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Petsmart hamster cage

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petsmart hamster cage

However they are not able to eat a lots so just smear a little bit of peanut butter onto a chewing stick and they will love it. nbspI would NOT feed your hammies with dog food. She is the perfect little hamster except when shes chewing and climbing her cage waking me upHi I would suggest a piece of cabbage or any vegetable that is high in water to keep him hydrated throughout the journey Im assuming youre going by car and a water bottle would just leak everywhereif two hamsters are bigger than a other will they hurt herAfter buying a hamster usually the petshop will supply you with a cardboard box to take your new pet home in. They can have celery in small pieces

Its actually in the above list Important Please feed these food in moderation. If there is one that is very slow to wake or if it just sits there by himherself not moving then I highly recommend that you dont choose that one because heshe could be ill. Is there a way to find out how old she isSorry for the late reply I would have said no a while back but after some more reading I think its alright now especially if you feed it only once in a while. You may want to take all of them home just because theyre so cute I wanted to anyway But Im afraid thats sadly not an option which brings us to a very valid point. Boiled egg is much healthier and is also high protein I really dont want to lavish him with more food than his little belly can take at the same time I wish hed stop biting me. Bar spacing may need to be smaller for females than males if you choose a wire cage

Frisk our male seemed a little despondent for the first weeks but with lots of attention and encouragement he adjusted fine. What should I doOnce you have picked out a hamster bought the hamster brought the hamster home set up hisher cage and put the cage in a quiet place then you can let himher settle in. have lived together already then yes. I had done some research before deciding to get a hamster and I had come to the conclusion that a Roborovski hamster was the best for me. There is a great list on this site. I wouldnt worry unless shes not drinking at all. I got her years ago and since then shes been fine since she is a rescue we dont know her true age. Im thinking of getting a Robo hamster and saw these treats onlineYes they can have lettuce but make sure its not Iceberg Lettuce because that contains lots of water and very little nutrients. can they eat commercial pelletsI give her about this much. I had him for year. I played with my hamster the first day I got her and three months later she is really healthy. Bar spacing may need to be smaller for females than males if you choose a wire cage. Can i just supplement with the list above excluding nutsWhen it died was there a lot of noise or anything to scare it I know they get heart attacks. The eyes should be clear with no discharge the mouth should be clean with no sign of infection and the tail and back should be clean and dry with no signs of diarrhea

I have attempted to summarize the main points in each section here but in addition you can read what other mouse owners think of the cages theyve used in Product Reviews. Hi please take a look at these pagesbr For supplies and petsmart college station texas general intro http br For hamster care info httpdwarfhamstercare br For robo hamster specific stuff httprobodwarfhamsterNope salted is not good for themI personally like giving my hamsters a bit of flaxseed sunflower seeds and broccoli. I normally change the bedding out every two to three days. Likewise a solid cage will shield better against drafts if the cage is to be housed in a cool or slightly drafty room such as a hallway or conservatory where as a room where it is difficult to open windows regulary such as downstairs if youre out during the day might require a barred cage for improved ventilation. httpFaqeBt br httpFaqiHi youre doing it right. She warmed up to me right away and doesnt bite or like growl. if this does not work start over taking a longer time with the steps. Dwarf hamsters usually live years in captivity. No phenix prek 8 fruits no veggies no bread no nuts br What do I do Pgagolftournament It also couldnt walk when it was sick. Its also likely that shes eating some of her stashed food I would be worried if shes not touching the food at all but since she is stashing them away it shows that she at least likes them enough to do thatcan my hamsters eat raisinsTry this page httphamsterfoodcomparisontableAre dried petharbor reno blueberries and dried cranberries OK for my winter hamsterFor Winter Whites Campbells and Chinese dwarf hamsters most experienced owners recommend not to give them carrots because these hamsters are more prone to diabetes and carrot is one of the foods that are higher in sugar

petsmart hamster cage

Im thinking of getting a Robo hamster and saw these treats onlineYes they can have lettuce but make sure its not Iceberg Lettuce because that contains lots of water and very little nutrients. Or try an asian grocery store what about dandelions I have some in my backyard and I read a book that said on the diet page that they eat dandelions. you could always take him to a store to find out for sure. Hope this helps phil robertson backup quarterback What about dried blueberries and dried cranberries The main food is more important than the snacks although I think its great that you are giving her vegetables. The average dwarf hamster lives approximately years in captivity. But could this be wet tail Im in Japan so I cant go find her that wet tail treatment people buy. Over the years I have kept mice in wire cages glass and plastic tanks and housing systems Rotastak and I have found them all capable of offering suitable homes as long as there is plenty of space. Hi DaliaGARD alignrightAnd yes dandelions are okaybanana chips dried bananas I ask this because my rabbit absolutely loves dried bananas. yesIf youre unsure about where to buy the British Hamster Association has a breeder location page and information on buying a hamsteryep Yes they can have lettuce just make sure it is not iceberg lettuce as it doesnt digest well and ad very high qualities of water which phenylketonurics definition can be bad

CarrotsCan my hamster have salty sunflower seedsHi Jocelyn your hamster looks like a winter white dwarf hamster. The blanket probably helps You can also shred some tissue and let the hamsters use them as nesting material. I give them raw that is how they would eat them in the wild but as she says above make sure it is small amounts and intro new food individually clean any uneaten bits from the cage after a day so they do not mold. My hamster is sick I think its because I fed him too many fruits and veggies I have hamsters. Thank u very much So when I first get it do I just feed it anything that is on the list or whatcan you feed them lettucebr What about lettuce onion grape tomato pickle sliced jalapeo or sliced tomatoWhat about the inside is a raw pumpkin for my Russian Dwarf HamsterStill noone ever told me how hard this would be and if youre an animal lover like me then it will be difficult Especially if you have young kids who dont understand why they have to wait to play with their new pet But it is very important that you do wait and after four days of closed season you can start the taming process

Cage Systems eg Rotastak Habitrail etcHi The sunflower petsmart grooming specials seeds should be raw. Yes except for iceberg lettuce because it doesnt have a lot of nutritional valueHi I got a Robo Dwarf hamster months ago and Ive seen some videos where people are feeding their hamsters banana chips I want to feed it to my hamsterbutI dont know if its safe. Ive watched her in her cage a lil bit and when changing her petsmart mesa az signal butte food I accidentally touched her. Save Hours Online OnlyI would like to get a Dwarf for a classroom pet. my hamsters name is cheetah and she is a Robo Dwarf hamster aka Roboroskys hamster I dont know what to feed her except her store food. Seeds like sunflower seeds pumpkin seeds flaxseeds etc are healthy when fed in moderation. Hi Its great that youre being so patient and waiting the appropriate amount of time but dont worry I know it can Pg county housing authority seem like these little pets can be very fragile and get stressed easily and to a point this is true but believe me your hamster will be fineThey can be quite resilient creatures. as for the age i am not really that sureyes hamsters are able to eat peanut butter. If its a Roborovski dwarf hamster then carrots are fine in small amounts. Its a girl and she seems happy. This is because the apple doesnt contain all the nutrients that they need. Can Russian Dwarf Hamsters eat peas or pea podsIm almost sure they cant

petsmart hamster cage

Hi please take a look at these pagesbr For supplies and general intro http br For hamster care info httpdwarfhamstercare br For robo hamster specific stuff httprobodwarfhamsterNope salted is not good for themI personally like giving my hamsters a bit of flaxseed sunflower Philadelphia eagles cheerleader costume seeds and broccoli. It does not to long agoShe is a Sapphire Winter White br Thank youYes they can have guava. Thank you for readingbrno. They can have celery in small pieces. petticoat punishment not sure about mushy canned ones though

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    Both are fine in small amounts. It hasnt ate anything since the whole day. Hope this helpsI dont think so. I have a Chinese draf hamster and I am afraid to give her any fruit due to cause diabetes. I dont think thats a problem unless its spoiled If its something youre going to throw out dont give it to your hamsterYes of course check this out httphamsterfoodcomparisontable Once they have been woken up as they are nocturnal they should be running around and taking in your scent

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I am however worried about the food I gave her. it has only been a day. tomatoesI got a petsmart hamster cage robo hamster last Saturday and she pflugerville chinese food doesnt eat much at all

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What about carrots I am petsmart hamster cage getting robo hamsters this weekend and baby carrots phastek performance are something i always have in phila schoolnet my fridge and i know they are ok for other hamsters. He is a young month old Djungarian dwarf hamster. our pet store guy said if you buy one it is difficult to later introduce another one but if you get them at the same tiem and they already were in the same petsmart hamster cage cageno worriesYes they can please see my update on the article above for more information Are they unhealthy petsmart hamster cage because of there being sugar casein and added vitaminsYes they are aloud lettuce and bananas but only small amounts at a time

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Cause like even little kids phenibut and kava cant eat popcorn because of the risk of choking. The baby puff should be given only occasionally if at all because petsmart hamster cage it has very little nutritional value

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They petsmart hamster cage can eat pumpkin seeds some other seeds like strawberry are also fine. her previous owner filled her food bowl and cheetah stashes what she wants but doesnt eat the rest what should I do petsmartfeedback and are dandelions ok for Robovskys hamtersaka robo hamsters

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She is a baby and I just want to make sure shes getting everything she needs. You can find food mixes and pellets for hamsters in any petsmart hamster cage good pet store petes tavern or online

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The pf changs millenia average dwarf hamster lives approximately years in captivity. br I had the stomach flu a little bit ago and held her on day one cause I didnt know I was sick til later in the day and day four when I petsmart hamster cage was feeling a bit petsmart hamster cage better. You have let her settle in for a period of time already so she shouldnt be too stressed out

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Thanks pg&e trail Carrot is petsmart hamster cage safe Ive just added in it How toHi and thank youWhen I got my first hamster Pip I only had my cage waterbottle and wheel before going out to the petshop to buy him. You can find petsmart hamster cage food mixes and pellets for hamsters in any good pet store or online

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Try talking to her let her get petsmart hamster cage used to petsmart katy tx your voice and smell and remember when taming your hamster you can always go back a step. Plain rice in very small amounts used as a treat would be better IMO. as for the age i am not really that sureyes hamsters are able petsmart hamster cage to eat peanut butter